Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Week 47 : Somethings Worth Celebrating

My Children :)
Not really sure how they are products of me. They amaze me SO much!!
Brayden (my oldest) is on the honor role, So is Kyler (my middle child). Brayden made in on Junior Honors Society, and he's all in advance classes, he just made it on a competive soccer team. Last year he was one of 12 who got selected to go to Washington D.C. to show what they did. Which was for having a more Green world. He acts up and he gets in trouble, but at the same time I'm saying your not my kid haha.
Kyler has straight A's. He's in soccer, basketball, and baseball. He's such a sweetheart. One day, I gave a guy some money because on his sign it said he was homeless.. Ky says why doesn't he have a home? So I tried to as vaguely as possible explain that some ppl just don't have homes. He said well I think I should buy him a home. I giggle and said you can't baby you don't have enough money but it's a very nice thought. All we can do for him is pray. So then he said a prayer for him :) Such a sweetie!!
Zaelur is my joker. He thinks he's cute. Which not saying he isn't but he's not that cute is what I always say:) He comes up with the darnest things. The other day.. well first we went back and saw my family and he kept calling my brother a beaver. So we asked why do you call him a beaver? He goes cause Uncle Stever's a beaver.. hahaha!! Okay then. He's a little turd tho. He'll hid things all the time. He ripped money just yesterday and things I won't find it. I keep telling him I'll find it eventually always! And the longer it is the worse off you are.

They are and always will be my babies. Love you all!!!! So proud to be called your mother.


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