Saturday, August 4, 2012

Week 37: Most meaningful Gift

My most meaningful gift is not a hard one. God blessed me with 3 wonderful sometime a pain in the butt but I would never change one thing about them. I love them to death!

Brayden is my oldest 11 now. Going to be turning 12 in a few months.. ahh! I got pregnant with him in college and lost my scholarship for volleyball. I tried back out for the team but it was just too much. I couldn't work, go to school, as well as raise him and then on top of that go to practices and work out. Didn't help that I was a single mother either. hah. The only thing I would have probably changed is the fact of his dad:) haha!! But it happened and I would not change that because he is such a great person. And watching him grow I am so proud that I could have brought him into this world .. he's amazing!

Then you have Kyler. He's a tricky one.When he was a baby, he did not love mommy. And I was working around 60 hrs a week so maybe that contributed to it or just maybe he was meant to be a daddy's boy .. who knows. Even now we don't know .. they'll be days that he'll just out of the blue say that he loves me, or that I look nice, or thank you for making me lunch. He gets pissy quite easily, but he's so caring at the same time. He's the one that looks at others and cares so much when he doesn't even know who they are or what they are going thru but just cares. I always tell him to say a prayer for them and you can see him do so. Oh and we recently found out he hates roller coasters.. and he doesn't really like to fly either:)

It is funny to see him with his youngest brother Zaelur. They hate and love each other all at the same time.. guess that's how it's supposed to be anyways right?!

So here's Zaebae as we call him. He's going to hate us eventually for the nickname I'm sure but we used to call him just baby and so the Zaebae came into affect. He was completely unexpected. We were just moving and about 2 weeks before we were to leave South Dakota to come to Nevada I found out I was pregnant. It was just a scare more then anything else and just knowing that you need to get a job while your pregnant .. it was hard but I did finally find one .. thank god! But I did go into labor early and there was complications. I didn't expect it. I mean I just had two healthy babies .. just assumed everything was fine and it turned out obviously okay, but it was a def. scare. He was in the hospital for 10 days and I was running around ragged. Going back and forth to the hospital to feed him or just to see him constantly. But he's good now that's all that matters!!

Zaelur is hilarious tho. He thinks he's the funniest person that ever lived. Which there are definitely times that it's just like what:) and it cracks you up. Other times it's like okay enough is enough just shush. He is very outgoing and adventurous. If anything he helps Kyler try new things. But Kyler teaches him new things when it comes to reading and writing. Brayden just teaches them everything on the whole. Braydens just a lot older that sometimes I wished he wouldn't be teaching them certain things!

 What I love best about them is that I feel like I am letting them be them. They have a quirk about them and obviously as children they love to have fun. They love to fish, to go just wondering thru the rocks and trees when we go camping, they love to run in the rain. And I love letting them just live.

They are my most meaningful anything. I love them!