Friday, July 26, 2013

Week 49: Traditions

Oh I LOVE traditions!!! I have so many:) It's a thing about me.. idk why but ya.

Lets see, first well my family all lives back in SD. before we moved we would always go back for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Here I still try to hold onto what I like.

Lets see. To start with Thanksgiving.. I don't really care for Tom's family. And I know that's horrible to say. But they just are not like what I consider a family to be. They all do their own thing no one really cares about the other. They are so selfish it's ridiculous! So haha.. going on a tangent there. I like to have Thanksgiving with my husband and 3 boys. It's a nice relaxing day just hanging out playing games as a family.

Now Christmas.. We always go out and the kids get to pick out an oridments and then we pick out a family one. That's something new that I started with my family. WE have one for each year and I love to decorate the tree that way. Xmas Eve is always the day that we open the presents. They get to open one gift before mass and then the rest after dinner. Which is ALWAYS chili and chicken noodle soup:) Christmas day is always Santa gifts and then we go over to my mother in laws.. yaayy Not! Haha!!! I'm always ready to get the heck out of there ASAP!! haha

Now the one tradition that I absolutely LOVE!! The 4th of July. The main reason behind it is because Tom and I had met a couple months beforehand. And we went to the firework show in Deadwood, SD. We were standing up on this side of a hill and the fireworks were going off above us. His arms were wrapped around me and the booming just gave me chills. Probably was the first time I absolutely knew I was going to marry him. From then on the 4th has become my FAVORITE holiday! So we start out going to the parade, to coming home and having a BBQ which friends. Then to head back over to the skate park and have dinner and watch the fireworks. When we get home we set off our own firewords.

My other tradition is playing games. I love teaching the kids card games that I learned growing up.. or playing marbles. Having stupid fun and playing hide and go seek. :) Dancing and acting all sorts of crazy.. I want my children to feel comfortable in who they are and be proud of it! Nothing more I would love to see is for them to know that they are true to themselves and that is a good thing. You don't need to change yourself for anyone else. Well, as long as they are behaving correctly lol!

My other tradition is to say I love you like it was going out of style.. say it as many times as possible. Never let them think twice that I didn't love them with all my heart. Let them know that even tho I get upset I still love them with every ounce of my being. There's nothing that they could do that I would take my love away from them. Might not agree with it, but I would always be there some way some how.

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