Friday, July 26, 2013

Week 50: My special Place

Special Place.. well the first thing that comes to mind, well I don't want to mention it. But usually when I get upset or frustrated it's where I go. I like to go into places that are tight and dark and loud so I can't hear anything. So I just can feel myself breath and relax .. maybe cry .. but bring myself back to a norm.

The other places I like to go is outside. Whether it's sitting in the grass or on the hammock.. just with the sun shinning down on me giving me warmth I feel relaxed and it helps calm me in any situation.

Reality is .. my special place is anywhere that I can just breath be calm and relax. Maybe cry maybe laugh. But just somewhere that I feel I'm not stressing over everything else.

Anything that blocks out the rest of reality at times.. Gives me my moment to live in.

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