Saturday, March 2, 2013

Week 46 : Energy Boost

My Energy Boost

There is nothing more then I love to be out in the sun in an open field. Nothing around but the sounds of the wind slowly blowing thru the grass, birds flying by, and even hearing cows:)
It's been something that I've loved since I was little. We used to live on a farm and there was no one near us. We'd go outside and it was just calm and relaxing to play in the warm weather with nothing really to do. It was .. it was great.
Even now when I go back home, and granted my parents moved closer in town so now there's cars going by, but nothing like the city. And I just love to go outside and have the sun heat my body and just look around. Never have I not smiled. I enjoy it so much.

My energy comes from just being relaxed and calm and feeling like I'm just there in the moment to let everything sink in. And the sun is a key factor:P I love the sun. Spring and Summer just light up my world. It's my favorite time. Something about being warm makes me feel alive and happy.
So breathe, let it all come in and just sit. Don't think. I need to probably do this more often:)

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