Monday, December 24, 2012

Week 45: 3 wishes

3 Wishes.. hmm..

I know the obviously answer is something that would change my life. Whether it just be for me to accept myself and be okay with that, or to have lots and lots of money:) haha.. But that's not the case.

My first wish:

We'll start from the top. And it'll go for my oldest Brayden. Maybe because I was a single mother working 3 part time jobs and going to college full time that there's just something between him and I that could probably never be replaced. At least on my side.. but I wish that he will continue to push himself in a direction that will give him the credit he deserves. He'll see how wonderful of a person he truly is. How to look into others and be aware of how he treats one another and hold strong to what he believes in. To know how hard it is to take back words and apologize for lies told. So always take the high road and be a man of integrity. That as long as he tries that is good enough by me and really that's all that truly matters haha

Second will go to Kyler. I hope that he embracing this compasionate side that he has. That he will learn that this is something to be proud of and practically every woman would love:) That he doesn't hesitate on how smart he really is and he knows that no matter what he has a strong unit standing behind him to help him in every which way possible to further his dreams. To never give up on his dreams! To believe in himself. For him to not get discouraged with failure, but to realize that he might need to just put that much more into it for it to happen. And it's okay to try again to get it.

Third wish goes to Zaelur. First and foremost.. that he learns that he doesn't need to scream to talk or laugh and that everyone can hear him. Good lord! But I hope that he sees in himself the fun smilie child that he is. How he wants to be a giver and make people happy because it makes him happy. BUT.. to understand that others could take advantage over it and be cautious at the same time. To take his own way and direction and not follow others, but be a leader at times to show the difference in ways can be. For him to know that he is a fighter and he can survive the most difficult times. To continue to love Jesus and going to church (really not sure where he got that from but proud that he loves going to church). To just continue to love.

A combination for all of them. To know that thru thick and thin, Family will always be there! Whether we are here physically or just memories but to know that there is always someone cheering them on. Know that they might fight and argue, but know that they are brothers and brothers they will always be. Take that and run with it. There is no one that can replace the other and be proud that they are who they are. Be kind to one another, yet hit the other on top of the head when misbehaving. Teach and learn with one another to be the men that I know you can be.

Will always love you and I hope you all the most happiness that life can bring you. Know that it's not always a basket of roses, sometimes you might get stung by a bee, but doesn't mean you should stop smelling them because of the one bad moment. Love love love you all!!

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